Clean your mailing list while you wait!

Web-based data cleansing that is fast, easy and secure.

Increase the accuracy and performance of your mailing list by matching your list against the USPS® Individual, Family, and Business move information and eliminate duplicate records that are hindering your lists and costing you money.

MailListCleaner provides three levels of service to meet your data quality needs. Clean and standardize with CASS Certified processing, meet USPS® Move Update Requirements with NCOALink, and\or Eliminate Duplicate Records with Fast, Easy to Use, Secure online tools. is the ONLY USPS® licensed provider allowing you to update your list in a matter of minutes, while you wait! See how easy it is to get started cleaning your mailing lists!

Process your mailing list in as little as 5 minutes!
In most cases while you wait!
Our proprietary USPS® certified processes are queued immediately for processing on our servers at our data center for your convenience.
3 simple steps to clean and improve your list!

Upload and define your file, select your service level, and download your clean and updated data. Our processes do the rest!
Cerified point-to-point encryption of data.

Encrypted uploads and secure data center processing mean that your list is safe and secure during every step of the process.